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eyeglass holders and eyeglass lanyards made from beads see our Beaded ID Lanyards website.
beaded eyeglass holders beaded eyeglass lanyard

eyeglass holder Beaded Eyeglass Holders

eyeglass holders 7-strand stainless steel beading wire

eyeglass holder Custom Handmade


All our lanyards are hand strung by artists
in San Diego Califonia.  We do NOT import any finished products.

Our beads come from all over the world and our artists
design for beauty and comfort!
beaded eyeglass holders
eyeglass lanyard made with beads
hand made eyeglass holders
custom eyeglass holders
eyeglass leash holder
holders for eyeglasses
eyeglass holders made from beads
custom made eyeglass holders
eyeglass holder
beaded eye glass holder


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